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Growers Tip: Remember AirPlants love Winter Sun. Be mindful of a rough sunburn midday Sun but other than that you will promote color and often a bloom.

Reef & Beach Clean Up 


"Win Cash For Trash"


Thank You Customers For Your Support!! as we have utilized some of our sales to help support the Animal Welfare League this year in Charlotte County, Fl. We greatly appreciate our loyal customers and are very thankful for being a part of our growing community. We hope in the coming year we will have a customer help with our free plants for animal gifts for the shelters too. Thanks again for all your support!

Farmer's Market News:

Our Farmer's Market Hours:

(we are only available at our markets as of now)

Thursday: Dearborn Street, Englewood

8am to 2pm

Saturday: Downtown Punta Gorda Farmers Market

8am to 1pm

Free AirPlants! Bring gifts to give to the Animal Welfare League of Port Charlotte, FL and we will give you "AirPlants" in return. We will be delivering 100% of the proceeds as a gift from "The Friends and Loyal Customers of EmeraldAirPlants". We know it may seem funny to give a small toy or rabbit chew or an animal treat by itself, but when we each give a little it adds up to so much. I hope I have no plants at the end of the day! 

Items Needed: Dog and Cat Food

Rabbit, Ferret and Guinea Pig Bedding and Food

Treats, Towels, Blankets, We We Pads, Kong Toys (Chew), Cat Toys, 

Bleach, Windex, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Air Fresheners, Paper Towels, 

Toilet Paper, Trash Bags, Postage stamps and Office Supplies.

Plants In Bloom01-01-20
Aeranthos X Stricta Hybrid (Low Bud)
Aeranthos (Low Bud)
Stricta Hybrid #1
Stricta Soft  (Low Bud)
Ionantha Fuego  (Great Color)
Brachycaulos (Early Color)
Funkiana (Blush-Bloom)
Capitata Red (Blushing)
Tropiflora (Low Bud, Giant Bloom)
Hybrid #1 (Low Bud) Frosty Hot Pink w White
Leonamiana's ( Low Bud) Coral & Lavendar
Ionantha Rubra (Full Color)
And So Much More...

Valentine's Wreath
Hanging Teardrop
Hanging Urcin
Streptocapra (Fragrant)
Cyprus Planter
Emerald Forest Tenuifolia
Strict Pink Bronze
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We carry about 22 varieties at any time. 

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