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Plant Care

Indoor Care


It is important to maintain AirPlants properly. They can be real easy and

almost maintain themselves in certain conditions. Key Factors for proper 

care are Light, Clean Water and Good Air Circulation.

Light: Indoors we see a variety of ways to promote good lighting for your 

plants. Grown or placed by a window especially with morning or afternoon 

sun or all day November thru March creates healthy growth and blooms. Bright 

Filtered Light is important for good growth and blooms. Fresh Moving air from 

time to time is refreshing for these plants as well.

You can use fluorescent bulbs to grow indoors. A full spectrum fluorescent is best. 

WateringAir plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves,

unlike traditional plants. Mist the plants thoroughly 1-2 times a week using

a spray bottle. Ensure that the water reaches all parts of the

plant, including the leaves base and underside. During drier climates or

hotter seasons, more frequent misting may be necessary. Soaking plants every

other week can help fend of dehydration. 

Indoor tricks: your plants a little rain from time to time they will 

love you for it. Our trick is to use clean water. Tap can be very hard and most 

treated water in America is treated with Chlorine and sometimes Ammonia to 

keep the chlorine from evaporating. Dunk them in your pond or fresh water 

source. Indoors we suggest a water every other day unless given a good soak 

from time to time with clean water. Rain water can hold in the plant for days 

and in some environments weeks. 

Air Circulation: AirPlants love good air circulation. After a good watering the 

moisture on the plants should evaporate within 4 hours. That is a nice rule of 

thumb as if we see the plants sitting with water or on water hours later rot 

could appear. AirPlants love moisture but if constantly in wet conditions they may suffer. 


Light: AirPlants love bright but filtered light (April thru October) AirPlants love 

direct sun (November thru March). They grow best under a filtered light canopy 

like a greenhouse or patio or porch or under trees. Fresh air circulation is 

favorable and some nice filtered light. Best temperature range is between 

50-90 degrees F. 35-50 is tolerable and can add some unique color but long 

exposure can dehydrate. 

Fertilization: While air plants can gather nutrients from the air, occasional

fertilization can enhance their growth. Recommend using a

gentle, water-soluble orchid or bromeliad fertilizer at 1/4 to 1/2

strength once a month during the growing season (spring and summer). 

Caution against over-fertilization, as it can be detrimental to the plants.

Sun Warning, Caution!

As we get into Summer we are removing the mid-day sun from our plants and letting only filtered sun in. A by-weekly soak on the plants is great for quick pick me ups. 

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Here is an easy way to find out your areas water quality:
It has your facility's water test results and they compare it to your State and the National Average. It is pretty awesome and Gives you their Independent Test Results along with the E.P.A.'s test results. The website is: EWG.ORG
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