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Wholesale requirements:

Order must be at least $150.00 or more.

Plants less than $5.00 require you to buy 5 or more.

Resale certificate must be faxed or emailed to avoid taxes.

Shipping will be determined once items are packed. 

Please Fax or Email Order and we will determine price before charging your card. 

Fax# 941-505-8849 Email:

Plants: Updated 06-07-23

Strict Hard (low, just showing buds)      $3.50 ea.

Stricta Soft (low bud)                               $5.50 ea.

Stricta Hybrid (blooming soon)               $5.50 ea.

Aeranthos Hybrid (blooming soon)         $3.50 ea.

Balbousa Guatamala                                  $3.00 ea.

Balbousa Belize (blooming November)   $6.00 ea.

Brachycaulos (turning amazingly red)    $3.00 ea.

Funkiana (low bud)                                    $3.00 ea.

Funkiana Hybrid (low bud)                       $3.50 ea.    Brachycaulous Select (In Blush)               $3.20 ea.

Abdita  (Burgundy/red plant)                   $3.50 ea.

Abdita Large  (Burgundy/Red plant)        $6.00 ea.

Juncea   large   (long spikey grass like)    $4.50 ea.

Juncea  small                                               $2.20 ea.

Ionantha Mexicana (in color)                   $2.00 ea.

Ionantha Mix (small to med io's)              $1.00ea.

Ionantha Rubra (Awesome!)                     $1.50 ea.

Ionantha Io (Nice Color)                            $1.50 ea.

Ionantha Fuego Large (Awesome!)          $3.00 ea.

Ionantha Fuego Med   (Nice Color)          $2.00 ea.

Capitata Peach                                           $3.20 ea.

Capitata Maroon (Large Plant)                 $20.00ea.

Capitata Maroon (little Version)              $10.00ea.

Medusa                                                        $4.00 ea.

Palgiotropica med (w purple tips)            $3.50 ea.

Plagiotropica large (w/purple tips)           $7.00 ea.

Vernicosia   Med  (largish Plant)               $8.00 ea.

Vernicosia   Large (large Plant)                 $14.00 ea.

Xerographica small (Large Silver Plant)   $15.00 ea.

Xerographica med  (Large Silver Plant)   $18.00 ea.

Xerographica large (Large Silver Plant)   $24.00 ea.

Xero-Capitata Hybrid (Large Plant)          $20.00 ea.

Emerald Forest(Lime Green)                     $2.80ea.

Made Products

Glazier Tea Cups w/ Ionantha                 $3.00

Tree Stumps w/ Ionantha                        $6.00

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